Does the color of your vehicle impact your car insurance rate?

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Does the color of your vehicle impact your car insurance rate?

Now, you have gotten your new sports car. Shiny, clean and impressive. Whether your car is a blue minivan or a red roadster, maybe you have heard from someone else that red cars seem to get higher insurance rate. Whilst the color of your vehicle reflects your own taste, actually it will not impact directly on your car insurance rates. The reason is simple. Take a look below!

The idea of the color of your vehicle increasing your own insurance rate is popular, yet false. In reality, when car insurance companies receive the information for your vehicle, it is through the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). This number will tell the car insurance companies the model, make and year of your vehicle, plus with the place that your car was produced, yet not your vehicle’s color.

In detailed, the factors impacting your car insurance rates are:

  • Experience of driving: if you have been driving for no more than 3 years, you will pay more
  • Driving record: you have a history of wrecks or traffic tickets? You will pay more
  • Vehicle use: the quantity of the miles you drive plays a basic part in your rate
  • Age of drive: those older drivers will be reckoned riskier than the younger.

Does A Red Car Have Higher Insurance Rate?

If your insurance company does not pay attention to your vehicle’s color, so what does the rate base on? The first thing to base on is the driver’s driving habits. In addition to it, the biggest factor in deciding how much your rate will be is in the year and the type of your vehicle. For example, a 1999 truck will cost your less than a 2009 sports car.

Where Does The Origin Of The Myth Come From?

Well, to be honest, it is difficult to show how this myth came from. Some people argue that cars with red color tend to be more likely to be ticketed due to their bright, arresting color. However, after all, those police officers tend to be more likely to notice an impressive car cruising down the highway than a regular one. Other people points out that as cars with red color have been associated with speed racers, sports cars, and higher rates of accidents; therefore, car insurers penalize those red-car lovers almost everywhere because of those statistical “facts”.

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The Truth About Car Color

According to color chromotherapists and psychologists, they argue that color has an impact on the behavior, mood and health. Some of them point out that some specific car colors seem to be more conspicuous than other colors, thereby making them much more noticeable and thus safer in the low-light conditions.

Nonetheless, as there are not many scientific studies focusing on the connection between crash risk and car color, conjectures about the color of cars remain that: conjectures. Up to now, there is no conclusive study carried out in the U.S to demonstrate any suppositions about the effects of car color on the safety.

According to an investigation of Monash University in Australia in 2007 about the connection between crash risk and car color, it was found that white cars had the lowest risk of crash whilst cars with the low-visibility colors like blue, black, green, gray, silver and red were accompanied with a higher risk of accident, in terms of statistics. Also, they conclude that cars with lower colors were accompanied with the higher risk of much more severed accidents.

Moreover, the study also suggested that the color of a car had an influence on the safety because of conspicuousness. Nonetheless, it just suggested the association instead of proved it. In reality, this study deduced that those vehicle type and light conditions had more direct influence on the crash risk than the color of car.

Hence, to conclude, car insurance companies does not calculate your insurance rate based on car color, so if you want to buy a hot new convertible in red or ruby, rest assured, the rate will not be impacted by your choice. In order to get the best car insurance rates, you should be a safer driver, possess a reliable vehicle, and look for auto insurance discounts.

Does the color of your vehicle impact your car insurance rate?
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