How to cancel car insurance

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How to cancel car insurance

There are many reasons for car insurance cancellation. It may because you find the better car insurance rates in other company. You are disappointed in rules and strategies of current car insurance company or agent. You think that you cannot have enough money to afford a high premium. You want to switch for a bicycle because of environmental friendliness. Or you have sold your only vehicle; therefore, there is no need to continue with car insurance any longer.

Whatever your reasons are, you will need a process of cancelling car insurance quickly and smoothly without causing any problems. This need to make sure that you will not charge for anything you are no longer using.

But many people concern when the best time to cancel car insurance is. It depends on the current car insurance policy you are using. Many standard car insurance companies can allow the drivers to cancel their car insurance at any time. It is important to call your car insurance company and ask them about their cancellation policy before you decide to cancel your car insurance. Several companies may charge you if you want to cancel early. Hence, you should ask them when you can cancel your car insurance properly and smoothly without paying any fee and without having coverage lapse. Sometimes, it is worthy to wait.  Rushing in car insurance cancellation is not advisable if you do not a little research first. Here are some tips on how to cancel car insurance quickly and smoothly without causing any problems.

1. Have A New Policy In Place

The first thing you need to do when you want to find another car insurance provider for better premium and better services is having a new policy in place. It is important to avoid a gap in coverage. Without car insurance, you will increase the risk of car accidents on the road. Moreover, it will let you fall in many serious problems. If you are caught by the police while you are not using car insurance, you will get a fee or be hold in place.  If you cause an accident without having car insurance, it will be responsible for all the cost associated to car damage, injury and medical bills. When you have a gap in coverage, it will make the future car insurance providers list you as a bad driver and refuse to give you the coverage. Therefore, when you want to cancel the old policy, you need a switch date available. Ask your new car insurance company for the possible date of your new coverage.

2. Call Your Current Agent

Calling your current agent for car insurance cancellation is the important step to notify them. You can have a phone call; however, a signature is required when you want to cancel your current car insurance. Most of car insurance providers concern the reasons why you want a cancellation. They will persuade you not to switch. If the problem is the high price, they can possibly give you additional discounts or change the current coverage in order to change your mind.

3. Mail Or Fax Request

If you want to cancel car insurance, you can write or type out your name, the date, policy number and request insurance cancellation on the date you want. Sign in the document and sent it directly to your agent or car insurance provider via mail or fax.

4. Go To The Agent’s Office

You can go to the agent’s office for car insurance cancellation. Most of agencies lose their clients from time to time. They can persuade you not to cancel. However, if you make up your mind, you just need to sign the cancellation form.

5. Ask New Car Insurance Company To Help You

If you cannot do it on your own or want to avoid any awkwardness, the simplest recommended way is asking your new insurance company for help. Provide your new agent your prior policy number, switch date, and a required signature on the cancellation form. And then they can send this document to your old car insurance company.

How to cancel car insurance
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